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BBQ Islands

Outdoor kitchens are called by many names. BBQ island is the most common term and typically indicates that there are no cabinets involved. This basic version of the outdoor kitchen is generally a metal skeleton clad with cement board. Most employee a stucco or faux rock finsih on the base and tile for the countertop. Sometimes stainless steel doors below the grill and perhaps a set of stainless steel drawers.

Thats fine for a box store but not for California outdoor kitchens. Instead of tile countertops we use Dekton slab countertops. Instead of a stucco base, we use Dekton or rare reclaimed wood to create a one of a kind look.

Instead of off the shelf appliances, we offer Blaze grils and appliances. The best bang for your buck.     
If you prefer the finest products, demand top caliber craftsmanship and strive to create a preeminent, one of a kind statement, California Outdoor Kitchens has the BBQ island you seek.


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